Soul in songs.

26 Feb

It all started with a Total eclipse of the heart (Bonnie Taylor) and then you’ve ended up being  Sweet child of mine (Guns’n roses).  I knew I didn’t want to miss a thing (Aerosmith) from your Wonderful Life (Hurts)

Now we are Speaking a dead language (Joy Williams) where the Words (Harel Skaat) are killing me softly (Alicia Keys)….

The show must go on (Queen) even if you are Breaking (Anberlin) the Shape of my heart (Sting) but you know that the love is a Battlefield (Jordin Sparks) like Self vs. Self (Pendulum) and when I go Crazy (Aerosmith) because of This year’s love (David Grey), all I can do is Keep breathing (Indrig Michaelson ) . 

I know that The winner takes it all (Abba) but I will listen to my heart (Roxette) and I will Trust you (Yuna Ito). I hope that is not a Requiem for a dream (Clint Mansell) because You’re still the one I love (Shania Twain). 

7 răspunsuri to “Soul in songs.”

  1. ink.heart.for.poem Februarie 26, 2011 la 9:11 am #

    foarte frumos! felicitari!:x

  2. Emma Februarie 26, 2011 la 12:48 pm #

    lovely:X >:D<

  3. GreenSky Februarie 26, 2011 la 5:14 pm #

    Genial ♥

  4. julie Februarie 26, 2011 la 5:37 pm #

    multumesc fetelor. >:D<

  5. Hălăţel Februarie 26, 2011 la 6:22 pm #

    Draguta ideea si foarte bune melodiile!

  6. Lexxy Februarie 26, 2011 la 6:24 pm #

    superb, imi place >:D< ❤

  7. Dave Martie 10, 2011 la 1:38 pm #

    love this post ♥

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